Meet The Authors of Divine Direction

Ardra T. Caldwell

Ardra Tolbert Caldwell is CEO/Founder of Celebrate The Release. Ardra is a graduate (1990) of Tuskegee University, BS in Social Work and a 2021 graduate of Columbia Southern University, Master of Public Administration. Ardra is the mother of Ardrianna Caldwell and Executive Assistant to the City Clerk of the City of South Fulton. Ardra is a people enthusiast who loves empowering people to grow, most importantly within themselves and then it can lead to empowering others.
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Breyuna L. Williams

Breyuna L. Williams is an Attorney and Producer. She has over 10 years of legal and business experience in helping filmmakers protect their intellectual property and produce high-quality, in-demand projects. As the managing member of Law Offices of Breyuna L. Williams and President
of BreWill Productions, she provides a wide array of services including counseling clients on all aspects of non-patent intellectual property, trademark and copyright registration, prosecution, maintenance and enforcement and financing creative innovation. Breyuna has served as production counsel for over 50 projects advising clients from development through distribution

Cheryl Graham

In April of 2012, a health scare was the catalyst that drove Cheryl to begin her wellness journey. In addition to herself, she set out to help her peers develop goals to reach their optimal wellness. In June of 2012, Cheryl started her own Health & Wellness business. Her passion is to show her community that by developing a stronger mind, healthier body, and through achieving inner balance, we can increase our health span and become our best selves!

Cynthia Beckles

Cynthia Beckles, MBA loves helping coaches, consultants, and service-based businesses overcome challenges to find the right marketing strategies to propel their brand so that they can secure more clients. Her integrated marketing approach empowers businesses to implement what is best for their company, and not necessarily what is hottest.  Cindy is inspired by giving back to her community.  She gives 100% to everything she does.  Cynthia is famous for her legendary macaroni and cheese.

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Crystal Reilley

Crystal Reilley was born in the Pacific Northwest and now calls Northern Nevada home. She has been married to the love of her life since 2003 and together they have two beautiful almost adult children. Crystal and her husband ran a successful construction business for the past 10 years and in 2014 she accomplished many of her early personal dreams, received her associate degree and decided to get back into real estate in Nevada. Crystal has a heart to serve and loves to help women become the woman that God has called them to be without apology through a Christian Business Networking Organization called The Tapestry Network of Reno. Crystal is an outdoor enthusiast. She loves snow skiing, sunshine, wakeboarding, four wheeling, razor riding, watching her children participate in all their activities, reading, learning and spending time with family and friends. She is filled with positivity, love and an energy that she loves to share with those that meet her.

Dr. Katherine E. James

Dr. Katherine E. James celebrates thirty-eight years of marriage, her son, and her daughter in love.  She loves God and functions as an associate pastor at Shiloh Deliverance Church International in Detroit, Michigan. Katherine serves as a licensed professional counselor, university and seminary professor, published author, speaker, community leader, and self-love transformational and freedom conductor. Katherine most treasures her relationships; therefore, she intentionally loves herself first to assure there is an overflow of love to share with others.

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Jennine Carter

Jennine Carter is a degreed Civil Engineer, a 24-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a Online Women’s eGroup Leader with Elevation Church. She resides in San Antonio, Texas with a veritable forest of succulent plants, an eclectic collection of Anime DVDs, a craft room of phenomenal potential, a head-shake inducing quantity of office supplies, and entirely too much furniture for a single person. She believes the “Best is yet to come.”

Karen Lynn Robinson

Karen Robinson, LCSW, is a service driven social worker, therapist, and coach with 23 years of clinical experience. She received both her BSW and MSW from the University of Maine, where she was originally from. Karen is a genuine, authentic, compassionate provider. Her specialties are trauma recovery, anxiety, and depression. In her free time, Karen enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family.

Heal Thrive Dream is a mother-daughter company that includes a wide range of services and products for women recovering from trauma. We offer holistic therapy, coaching, virtual group coaching memberships, community service, courses, planners, journals, books, inspirational products, and workbooks. We are a one stop shop for women who are ready to fire their boss as we offer touchless ecommerce agencies and a full-service digital agency to assist with websites, logos, social media management, SEO, etc. Last, we teach survivors how to explore relationship and affiliate marketing as several streams of revenue will set them up for the best chance of success in every aspect of their lives.

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Karen Skinner

Karen Skinner is a certified Christian Life Coach. Her passion is to help Christian entrepreneur women build their online brand and discover their God-given assignment. Karen believes in partnering with God in her business to help further the kingdom of God while providing value through branding and web-design products and services.

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Kathy Haynie

Kathy Haynie is a mother, grandmother, and widow. But more importantly, she is a child of God. Kathy tries her best to always honor her Lord and Savior. Kathy lives in North Alabama and enjoys traveling and seeing the beauty that our Heavenly Father creates. When times are hard, and there seems to be no answers, Kathy looks around to find some sort of beauty from the chaos that life brings. Sometimes all Kathy can find is the shape of the clouds in the sky, but that reminds her that God is there. He is always there.

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Kelly McCausey

Kelly McCausey knows you want to publish content you’re proud of for a community you love and that takes a strong mindset. Her Love People + Make Money blog and podcast offers you resources that help you build that mindset and make wise choices about your content marketing.

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Kenya Williams

Kenya Williams is an author who loves music, poetry, and films. As a little child, Kenya began to write stories and poems. Infatuated by music lyrics and creative writing, Kenya was inspired to become a lyricist and writer. The best source of expression for Kenya is spoken word, a craft he has developed through childhood, hoping to inspire people.  

Lady Rayven Monique

ady Rayven is a doer in life – she does things that others can’t, or won’t. A true original, she’s manifested incredible adventures, ranging from touring the country for 6-years with her family in an RV, to meeting her soul-mate, to delivering 9 babies as a surrogate mother. Rayven believes that happiness is our natural state of being, and guides others to manifesting their own dreams. She lives in Florida on a 5-acre permaculture homestead.

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Lesa Dale

Lesa Dale is a contemporary Christian Business and Life Coach trained in Spiritual Gifts/DISC alignment. She is the founder of LifeWalkGPS™, where she engages Christians ready to transition from unsure to confident by allowing them to identify the purpose God has for them based on their unique gifts, personalities, and strengths to create the Kingdom life, business, or ministry God designed them to build.

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Lisa Antley

Lisa Antley is originally from Detroit, Michigan.  She currently resides in Tennessee with her two daughters, Novia and Nadia.  Lisa is a CNA who is dedicated to providing the best quality care for those in need.  In her free time, Lisa enjoys family gatherings, listening to an eclectic selection of music, watching a variety of movies, taking snapshots with her camera, and being outside in the warmth of nature.  Lisa’s ultimate goal is to touch the lives of many through her written and spoken word.  

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Maureen Riley

Maureen Riley obtained her BA in Psychology from Georgetown University.  Always a passionate “people person”, she is humbled that the God of HOPE has called her to serve the Kingdom as a Health Coach on a mission to transform as many lives as possible by helping others achieve total health: mind, body, spirit and finances.  She lives in San Diego with her two children and their many pets, where she enjoys hiking and continuously learning.

Patricia Ortega

Patricia Ortega is a speaker, coach, and founder of The Uncommon Career. Running into her own barriers to the work world, she made “career” her career, and for the last decade has helped others succeed in preparing for, launching, and changing professions. Patricia holds a bachelor of science in business administration, and master of science in counseling. She landed her own 6-figure position with The Lord’s guidance, and with the mindset, strategies, and techniques she now teaches others.

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Paula Ames

Paula J. Ames is a ferocious lover of life who follows after the heart of Jesus. A sales and marketing professional by day and creative entrepreneur by night, she loves putting pen to paper, decorating her Craftsman bungalow home, and creating mixed media art. A true California girl, she enjoys spending time near the ocean sticking her toes in the sand and conversing with God. She resides in Los Angeles and is a proud Dog Mama of three silly rescue pups.

Stephanie Sherwood

With her heart for service, Stephanie has always been a champion for change. Her whole life has been about supporting and building-up people, teams, and communities. And like many women she has wrestled with her identity…not good enough, not smart enough and the list goes on.

YET… as she continues to walk-out her life journey, she has found healing and truth is in living a transparent life. She uses her God given voice (she was paid not to speak as a child) as a weapon against the enemy. Her life charge is to right the injustices of shame, lies and fears.

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Sue Fattivene

Sue E. Fattibene is a Certified “Reset” Life Coach, Business Strategist, Inspirational Speaker, Conference Creator, and Published Author with her book, “The Day the Angel Sat Beside Me”.  Her coaching program, “Reset! + Reboot! + Rev Up! ~ the Simple Unstuck Method,” guides individuals on how to move from ‘vision to accomplished’ with dreams, visions, goals, and callings both personally and professionally to successfully Rev Up! & Thrive in God’s Design for Our Lives.

Tracy Mitchell

Fitness Instructor, Tracy Mitchell,  was born September 2, 1968 to entrepreneurs Robert and Loraine Johnson. The oldest of seven girls, Tracy is a natural born leader. She leads others to good health by inspiring them to put God’s word in the workout. Widely known, her entrepreneurial spirit draws others.  She has hosted fitness television shows, managed /directed fitness centers and health ministries. When Tracy is not empowering others, she spends time with her family, traveling and exploring new places.

Treyonda Towns

Treyonda Towns MA, CLTC is a multi-faceted business owner, Author, Broadcast Host, Certified Trauma Recovery & Visionary Coach. Treyonda holds a degree in counseling psychology/trauma and  provides supportive resources to those who have suffered traumatic experiences or los. Treyonda also focuses a portion of her work on entrepreneurs, advocates, healing practitioners, and fellow coaches who are in a position of stagnation and unhealthy patterns of trauma-induced behavior, yet  are looking for healing alternatives and tools beyond or in addition to traditional counseling services.

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